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About Us - Who We Are?

Welcome, and thank you for joining us today.
Airport Shuttle Service is a website designed to support our local business as a service and excellent customer experience. Its is now part of growing transportation and tours network locally owned and operated.

Kiwi’s would agree that there is nothing like booking your ground transportation with local business as it makes the whole travel experience simple, authentic and proven reliability across a substantial network of unknowns. We are always working very hard to gain your trust as our reputation is our business.
Airport Shuttle Service NZ is the product/purchase of Book A Ride Ltd. Its means you get the same service but with more travel options at your fingertips. Longer distance travel and travel tours available.

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We Guarantee You

Professional Service
Affordable Price
Fun Environment

Some of the best advice we can give you when visiting or leaving New Zealand is to book your airport shuttle or private transfer with a local business like us! That way, you’re in control of a good outcome

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